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The most precious asset of each organisation is the personnel. The number of specialists in the market is decreasing and companies compete to hire them. Understaffed enterprises must optimise the way they use the working time and competences of their employees. Managers face the challenge of eliminating the necessity of repeated activities which consume time, while it is possible to get them done through IT solutions.


The key to any company’s efficiency is the automation of business processes which saves the employees’ time and reduces the employment costs. It also helps to relieve them of some complex standard tasks that normally require manual work.


Such tasks are plenty in system management. Administrators are often pressed for time, using complex procedures and various applications. Coupled with the human factor, it can lead to errors. Automation allows to visualize the process and quickly diagnose where and when the error occurred.


IT solutions help to optimise and automate the work performed by company teams. Concept Data offers technologies which can provide the automation of the following (among others):


  • tasks of IT teams
  • network changes and compliance with security policies
  • sign-on to multiple systems
  • installation and configuration of applications
  • process monitoring and notifications about errors


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