Protection of key business information resources – DE

Corporate databases contain extremely precious confidential information. Such information pertains to employees, customers, contracts, products, services and enterprise management. Leakage, destruction or modification of such data can expose the company to horrendous losses in terms of both finance and reputation. For this reason it is absolutely crucial to protect database and ensure continuous monitoring of who has access to such resources, when, how and where they have such access and how they use the resources.


All of this is possible thanks to advanced IT solutions which also enable automatic security audits and help companies meet the requirements of the GDPR by informing about incidents that violate the policies of secure access to personal data.


The ongoing monitoring and control of databases guarantee that all of the corporate information resources are secure.

The solutions offered by Concept Data enable:

Real-time monitoring and control of all operations in databases

The systems monitor privileged and standard users and database responses, which allows to detect confidential information leakage and security breaches. In critical situations, the systems can also block database responses.


Scanning databased for vulnerabilities

The solutions assist enterprises in identification and elimination of weaknesses, they block the attempt at exploiting the vulnerabilities and ensure instant protection.


The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect databases

Through integrated machine learning algorithms, the systems monitor user behaviour and generate the database use model. This model is then applied to identify all unusual activities and alert the security department about any data theft attempts or user activities which are risky or exceed the limits set by security policies. It also indicates the most risky users, hosts and servers.


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