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The management of IT resources is one of the key tasks of IT departments. This means direct and exact knowledge about IT resources, i.e. devices and applications that administrators supervise as well as failures, errors and downtime which affect the operation of such resources.

The IT infrastructure’s performance and condition translate directly into the company’s business goals, since they often determine the service provision level or the time consumption in specific tasks. It is no wonder, then, that enterprises increasingly focus on how devices and systems work and how new investments in IT influence the budget.


The market offers more and more systems enabling control over the IT infrastructure quality and ensuring best practices. They allow to detect and itemize resources, including those in the cloud, by collecting detailed information on notebooks, PCs, devices, operating systems, software, personal settings as well as identification, configuration and location data. These systems detect errors and support processing end user requests (e.g. notifications of failures or requests for changes).


Such knowledge of all the resources that is available at one place helps to make updates, consolidate servers and applications or to reduce the costs of help desks. Furthermore, it lowers the itemization cost and time and it allows to decide when a given piece of hardware must be replaced.

The solutions offered by Concept Data ensure:

Supporting end users, help desk employees and operation departments

BMC Remedy provides the most extensive set of functions, available out of the box and offering an innovative and intuitive user interface based on roles. It helps organizations to use their resources smartly and effectively. Mechanisms that recognize the user situation context enable quick and efficient responses to incidents.


Automated detection of resources and their interdependencies

BMC Discovery delivers key information that support better understanding of the impact that the IT infrastructure has upon business. Each cycle of the infrastructure scanning detects detailed data and dependencies in applications, hardware, network etc., allowing organizations to build maps of applications and services with a special focus on the impact models.


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